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What do you want to know?

Cameron Barnett (he/him) is choreo-director, performer, educator, and more. His creative work features patterns and repetition, mix-matched genres, and character-driven action. Cameron graduated from Indiana University in 2020 with a BFA in Dance and a BA in Theatre & Drama. He currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.
Over the past eight years, Cameron has created countless works of dance and dance-theater. Short works include the favorites "Up and Down in Flames" (2021), "That Awful Sound" (2019), "Canons" (2016), "Job" (2017), "Shuffle" (2019), and "Extrapolate" (2014). In the fall of 2017, he created Fountain Scenes, a devised dance-theater performance around Indiana University's iconic Showalter Fountain. In the spring of 2018, he wrote, directed, and choreographed House House House: a play with dance, an evening-length work. The short evening of dance and cereal titled The Most Important Meal of the Day was presented in the spring of 2019 to bewildered praise. In addition to concert dance and dance-theater, Cameron has choreographed and directed plays, musicals, show choirs, and color guards. 

Cameron has performed as both a dancer and an actor. Through his undergraduate program, he danced roles in Deuce Coupe by Twyla Tharp, Psalm by José Limón, Fanfare by Jerome Robbins, Spill by Andrea Miller, The Radio Show by Kyle Abraham, and the magnificent D-Man in the Waters by Bill T. Jones. He has also been seen in Indiana University Theatre's Antigone (Polynices) and Pippin (Ensemble), University Players' Marat/Sade (Singer/Patient), and an independent production of Julius Caesar (Soothsayer, et. al.). In 2020 he originated the role of Zachary in Ascendant by Peter Gil-Sheridan, a play he also choreographed and helped to devise. In 2022 he performed in Boy Friday's PLUSH at Chez Bushwick in Brooklyn.

Cameron currently works as a math educator at a K-12 learning center in Brooklyn, NY.  Previously, he taught ballet, contemporary, and modern dance classes for students of all ages at Windfall Dancers, Inc. in Bloomington, IN and Owen County Family YMCA in Spencer, IN.

Cameron's miscellaneous interests are numerous and fickle. He has several credits in sound design/sound editing for dance, including "Indiana Puts Her Trust in Thought" and "Flags in the Middle of Nowhere" by Selene Carter. As a playwright, he wrote House House House: a play with dance, an adaptation of Suspiria, and text for his pieces "Job" and "That Name Sounds Familiar." He is currently the Production and Communications Communicator for Boy Friday, overseeing administrative and artistic challenges for the company. In addition, Cameron has a curiosity for aerial silks, Argentine tango, Dungeons & Dragons, papercrafts, mixology, and recreational mathematics.




I have brazenly undertaken projects in dance-theater, jazz, musical theater, contemporary dance, modern dance, tap, improvisation, colorguard, and show choir. 

Movement as Metaphor:

In my work, choreography amplifies themes with gestural symbols. Dance serves as a theatrical stand-in for dreams, emotions, and forces of nature.

Here and Now:

Context is unshakable. My dances are made for one time and one place, making them powerful conductors of context.

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