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I'm turning 27

  • saturday, november 11

  • let's go out to some bars together

  • bring a friend if they're sociable, bring a lover if they're nice

  • my birthday is nov 22 (the day before thanksgiving) so I'm celebrating early


8 - 9:30


my apartment

276 Humboldt St, Apt 3R

Hang out at my apartment! Compliment my playlist! I'll probably make a punch or something. Maybe Fiona will make some guac. Let me know if you plan to come (my apartment isn't super big).

9:45 - 11

drinks and conversation

222 Bushwick Ave

Drinks at a bar? Groundbreaking. Tradesman is big enough to mingle. There's a backyard. It's chill!

11:15 - late



251 Bushwick Ave

There might be a cover! Probably $10. Sleepwalk has good espresso martinis. I think there's a live dj starting at midnight.

What to Wear

optional dress code ideas:

all shades of green

too many layers



trading shirts with a stranger

cargo pants


bleached and torn

fraying sweaters

"thanks, I made it"

more green

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